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Custom Inserts From Erie’s Own Podiatrist

Custom Orthotics

Foot pain and discomfort can make it hard to get through your day. At Lake Erie Podiatry, we understand. That’s why we offer custom orthotics designed to fit your feet perfectly and help with any issues you may be having.

Our orthotics are designed and crafted with the finest materials available, so you know they’ll provide long-lasting support and relief. We understand that every individual's feet are different, and our custom orthotics are meticulously crafted to provide the perfect balance of support, alignment, and cushioning. Unlike store-bought shoe inserts, our custom orthotics are tailored to your feet and any specific medical needs you may have.

Whether you're dealing with chronic foot pain, diabetic foot issues, sports-related injuries, or seeking preventive care, Dr. Ruiz and our dedicated team at Lake Erie Podiatry are committed to offering state-of-the-art treatments and unwavering support on your journey towards improved foot function and overall well-being.


Doctor fitting a patient with orthotics

Custom Solutions for Feet Pain

Orthotics for Flat Feet & Other Conditions

Custom orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts that provide support, cushioning, and alignment for your feet. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to cater to your individual needs.

Some types of custom orthotics may be stiff and functional, while others are soft and accommodating. Stiff orthotics, made from durable materials such as plastic or carbon fiber, aim to alleviate foot discomfort and strain. Soft orthotics, on the other hand, focus on relieving pressure from sensitive areas of the feet, like sores or foot ulcers, and are typically crafted from soft, compressive materials.

At Lake Erie Podiatry, we create custom orthotics tailored to your specific needs after conducting a thorough evaluation of your feet, gait, and footwear. These orthotics can help you gain:

  • Personalized Support: Unlike over-the-counter insoles, custom orthotics are specifically made to match the contours of your feet, providing targeted support and alleviating pressure points.
  • Pain Relief: By addressing the root cause of your foot pain, custom orthotics can help alleviate discomfort from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and bunions.
  • Improved Foot Function: By providing proper support and alignment, custom orthotics can enhance your foot's biomechanics, leading to improved function and reduced strain on muscles and joints.
  • Increased Footwear Comfort: Custom orthotics can make your favorite shoes more comfortable by providing additional cushioning and support where you need it most.
  • Prevention of Further Issues: Wearing custom orthotics can prevent existing foot conditions from getting worse and reduce the risk of developing new problems.

If you’re looking for a trusted foot doctor in the Erie, PA area, look no further than Dr. Ruiz at Lake Erie Podiatry. We’ll help you find the right custom orthotics for your needs and support you on your journey toward improved foot health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get used to wearing custom orthotics?

The adjustment period for custom orthotics varies from person to person. It typically takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks for your feet to become accustomed to the new support and alignment. It's recommended to gradually increase the duration of wearing orthotics each day, starting with a few hours and working up to full-day use.

How often should I replace my custom orthotics?

The lifespan of custom orthotics depends on factors such as materials, daily usage, and the wearer's activity level. On average, custom orthotics last for 1-3 years before needing replacement. Regular check-ups with Dr. Ruiz can help assess the condition of your orthotics and determine when a replacement is necessary.

Will my insurance cover the cost of custom orthotics?

Coverage for custom orthotics varies from provider to provider and plan to plan. That said, many insurance companies will partially or fully cover the cost of custom orthotics if they're deemed medically necessary. We always recommend checking with your provider prior to scheduling, and if you have any questions about billing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always happy to help!

How can I get started with an expert foot and ankle doctor in Erie, PA?

At Lake Erie Podiatry, our goal is to ensure that beginning your journey with us is as seamless and convenient as possible. To get started on the path to better foot health, simply reach out to us via phone or take advantage of our easy-to-use online appointment request form. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way!

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